Introducing Dash to UK Business

What is Dash?

In a nutshell...

Dash is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a strong focus on the payments industry. Based on the Bitcoin project, Dash aims to be the most user friendly and scalable payments system in the world.

Dash School

This six-video series explains the blockchain and Dash if you would like to find out more.

Our Project

Dash Uptake by UK Businesses

A Dash funded project working with businesses in the UK. Dash4Business engaged with merchants in the UK to understand their views and perceptions of cryptocurrencies and identify interested merchants to become early adopters of Dash in their business.

Work so far

At the end of 2017 we worked with the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) identifying gold and jewellery merchant attitudes to cryptocurrencies.

A report of that project, Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses and merchants, identified areas of work to take forward and merchants who were keen to integrate Dash into their business. We are progressing this work in the gold and jewellery sector.

In May 2018 we extended the project to work with independent retailers in the UK through the British Association of Independent Retailers (bira) and were delighted to sponsor the Future Payments Panel at their annual conference on 10 May 2018.

A pilot programme - where it’s cheaper to pay in Dash

DashBack is a pilot scheme funded by the Dash Treasury as part of the Dash Uptake by UK Businesses project, to encourage consumers to buy products with Dash in preference to sterling. It does this by participating merchants providing the consumer a percentage (agreed with merchant) discount on the Dash price of an item compared to the sterling cost. The cost of the agreed reduction is then returned to the merchant as DashBack after the transaction is completed. A maximum 0.75 Dash DashBack discount will be applied to a single transaction.

Merchants accepting Dash and participating in the pilot DashBack scheme include:

Photograph courtesy of Kerstin Design

Kerstin Design

Kerstin is offering a 10% discount on purchases made in Dash. This will be applied at checkout.

Photograph courtesy of Diadem Jewellers

Diadem Jewellery

Diadem are offering a 20% discount on purchases made in Dash. This will be applied at checkout.

Photograph courtesy of Damian Miles

Damian J Miles Jeweller

Damian is offering a 15% discount on purchases made in Dash and will be accepting Dash payments wallet to wallet - get in touch with him to complete your purchase.

DashBack for Merchants

The incentive of the DashBack scheme for merchants is attraction of a new customer base; the incentive for customers is a cheaper purchase price. Invited merchants will take part in the pilot scheme, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the scheme.

If you are interested in being considered as a DashBack merchant do get in touch using this form

Participating merchants can submit their DashBack claims using this form

Terms and conditions apply

Information for Customers

New to buying with Dash?

Customers who are new to buying with cryptocurrencies may find the attached leaflet useful.

Discover Dash

An online directory of worldwide businesses & services that accept Dash for payment

The Dash4Business Team

About Us

Stuart Bean has extensive experience in lobbying and marketing, having had a 20-year career working at the Confederation of British Industry. He has wide ranging contacts and expertise in events, lobbying and working with UK Business leaders, including FTSE 100 CEOs. Stuart previously worked for a UK Political Party. More recently he has run his own business as part of a UK National Franchise which he has recently sold, and has set up a new business - Simply Associations Ltd - to include work with UK Trade Associations. Stuart has a MSc in Global Politics and Political Economy from Birkbeck College, University of London.

Paul Tanner is an experienced engineer and project manager. Paul has held management positions in several tech startups and developed numerous electronic and software products. He works on a diverse range of IT projects in the roles of CTO, project manager, developer and architect. Paul's recent projects have been focused on practical implementation of the "Internet of Things". These have included two consumer energy portals, an assisted living care-in-the-home system, an assistive street and an energy-optimised smart house. Paul is a graduate of MIT with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

Victoria Bean has over 20 years experience in business planning, research and development and committee work in the civil service. Experience of working with Senior Management Teams and with people at all levels of organisations. More recently joint owner of national franchise business, before launching Simply Associations. Victoria has an MSc in Gender, Culture and Society.

Get In Touch

If you would like to get in touch do email us using this form


Terms and Conditions

Participating merchants will agree to the following terms and conditions; (these maybe updated from time to time - merchants will be advised of updates and continued participation in the scheme assumes acceptance of updated conditions).

This is a voluntary scheme that either party can withdraw from at any time, without prior notice.

No party will be able to hold the other liable for any loss or damage resulting or arising from this activity.

Participating merchants will:

  • have integrated Dash into their online business (unless there is a specific reason why this is not possible in which case wallet-to-wallet will be agreed)
  • have the basics in place - refund policy in place
  • set up a Dash to fiat conversion facility
  • display the Dash logo prominently on their website
  • display a message about DashBack and keep website updated with relevant information provided by Dash4Business team
  • register a Dash address with Dash4Business - only payments made to that address will qualify for DashBack
  • agree to provide accurate and timely reporting
  • complete the online form for DashBack payment. Only verified transactions that can be seen and audited on the Dash blockchain will be considered for payment. These transactions must be to the registered receive address of the participating merchant
  • be transparent in dealings with Dash4Business team
  • understand that DashBack will be a central pot of money (a Dash Stash) for all DashBack merchants to draw upon. This is a limited, resource, that once it has gone it has gone, but will be renewed each month until the end of the pilot project. In the event of the Dash Stash being used up for the month the merchant will meet the cost of the discount. Any sales that occur after Dash Stash is used up will not be considered eligible for a DashBack payment
  • accept that from time to time Dash4Business may need to do a full audit of a transaction; agree to cooperate with this in a timely manner
  • confirm any refunds subsequently made on goods claimed for from the Dash Stash

Dash4Business will:

  • aim to promptly pay participating merchant when transaction submissions have been received and checked
  • produce a Point of Sale promotional toolkit for partipating merchants
  • endeavor to provide the information to enable merchants to monitor the remaining amount of Dash in the Dash Stash for the month
  • send merchants the TXid and value of all the payments made to them
  • promote DashBack merchants to the Dash community, and encourage them to buy from participating merchants
  • audit selected payments through a range of blockchain analysis tools as well as more conventional audit routes
  • continue to develop the DashBack technology

Customers are asked to:

  • make payment from a private wallet not an exchange (as some exchanges may use a common send address and this will make refunds more complicated)
  • accept a maximum of 0.75 Dash discount will be applied to a single puchase
  • agree to the refund policy for purchases made in Dash